Thomas Mielke

Managing Director, AETHOS Consulting Group London

Thomas MielkeThomas Mielke is a founding member of AETHOS Consulting Group, and has a track record in successfully placing senior executives at leading hospitality companies across the EMEA region. He is an AESC certified consultant and is working together with travel wholesalers, real estate developments firms, investment companies and sovereign wealth funds as well as leading restaurant brands in identifying key talent and has joined forces with clients in establishing compensation schemes as well as organizational structures and workflows. Acting as a trusted advisor, he supports the process of identifying, developing and/or enhancing those values and best practices that define and foster a corporate culture and help create a core competency centered around people. He is passionate about organizational advisory, learning and development and has authored a number of articles on leadership, corporate governance, emotional intelligence and managerial core competencies that predict job performance within the hospitality industry. Thomas began his career within human resources and organizational advisory with HVS Executive Search and is a graduate of Ecole hoteliere de Lausanne, holding a BSc. in International Hospitality Management.

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Mental Wellness and Today’s New Workplace Norms

'Mental wellness' is a broad topic that involves our emotional, psychological, and social functioning. In what is a reflection of the fast-paced and high-pressure environments that we nowadays live in, it has increasingly topped the management agenda of many boards and HR executives across the globe.

CLASS OF 2020 – Forged In Crisis, The Servant Leader Of Tomorrow

It has already become clear that the uncertainty caused by Covid-19 has forced the industry to become much more creative and innovate. What will the sector's executives take from the experiences gain.

Coronavirus Crisis Management: Market Research vs. Steady Leadership

The Financial Times this weekend reported on the trillions of dollars that have been wiped out thus far due to the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) outbreak. According to the newspaper, stocks in hospitality companies have been particularly hit, having fallen by a reported 19% in Europe compared to last week - one of the strongest declines for the sector since the terror attacks of 9/11.

Three Tips To Be Successful As An Emerging Hospitality Industry Leader

In last month's article, AETHOS raised the importance of assembling a small group of advisors or mentors - specifically during the early stage of one's career. In today's world, though, in which everyone is or can be an 'influencer', irrespective of their track record or what their credentials are, choosing such a personal board of advisors is probably more challenging than just a decade ago.

Hospitality Leadership Series – Future Leaders: Seeking Advice and Applying the Right Filter

A new year has arrived and with it comes different opportunities and challenges. Some things, though, never change - the great majority of us tend to 'take stock' at this time of the year and plan for what we want to achieve or do differently, both personally and professionally.
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