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Bärbel Pfeiffer


Bärbel Pfeiffer is a former hotel executive turned marketer who helps hotels create content that makes them stand out. She is the founder of Text Spot On a communications agency that assists hoteliers with creative marketing concepts that engage, generate leads and drive business. During her 20-year career in the industry, Bärbel worked for Hilton International, boutique hotels in Germany and Switzerland and hotel resorts in the Caribbean.

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What To Do When Your Hotel Rooms Aren't Selling

Now, enter a hotel website to book a room. Most hotels treat their core product as a sideshow. A nice image of a room, a list of features next to it and that's the end of that presentation. Not the optimal way to get business and successfully close a sale, is it?Why don't you ...

Creative Hotel Marketing that Gets Your Guests to Listen Up

Want to stand out in a powerful way? Incorporate the vibrant and colorful stories of everyday hotel life into your marketing.The fresh salmon for today's VIP lunch is yet to arrive, the lady in suite 501 has an emotional meltdown and no-one is quite sure what it is all about; ...