Doug Rice

Founder & CEO Emeritus at HTNG

Douglas Rice

Co-founded this not-for-profit trade association in 2002, dedicated to improving technology in the hospitality industry through collaboration, best practices, and standards. Became first employee, and served as CEO from 2004-2015, during which time it grew from 20 to more than 4500 members worldwide, a $2.5 million operating budget, six global conferences per year, and a staff of 10. Since retiring from this role, I retain the CEO Emeritus title, and have remained an active supporter, participating in several workgroups, co-chairing the Blockchain workgroup, and speaking at numerous conferences.

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What is your take on the coronavirus and its impact on our industry?

Well, I had a topic all lined up for this week's column. I had completed most of the research and sat down on Monday to start writing. But with all that is going on in the world, I decided to put that on the shelf for a cycle or two.

Making technology work: three trends in integration

Mobile, Cloud and “big data” analytics improve our industry’s effectiveness – but at the same time, the consequences of failure are greater, so the need for highly qualified CIOs and technology teams has advanced, writes Douglas Rice of HTNG.