Richard B. Evans

President of Revenue Report Card LLC & Author of “the Definitive Study of Vacation Rentals”

Richard B Evans

Mr. Evans has been an executive hotelier for over 25 years. He obtained the following certifications: Hotel Administration, Hotel Accounting Executive, Revenue Management Executive and has completed the Advanced Cornell Revenue Management Certification. He has served hotels, condo-hotels and vacation rental companies as Asset Manager, CFO, General Manager and Revenue Director. As a leader in revenue management he has chaired revenue management seminars at the University level as well for a hospitality related conferences. As a recognized expert in Condo-Hotels and Vacation Rentals he has provided testimony in US courts in related cases. “The Definitive Study of Vacation Rentals” has been authored by Mr. Evans and is available on at . As a Blogger Evans created and maintains the site He is also a frequent columnist for HospitalityNet.Org and other Hospitality news sites and magazines.

Insights by Richard B. Evans (35)
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