Alan Young

Co-Founder and President of Puzzle Partner

Alan E. YoungAlan E. Young is the Co-Founder and President of Puzzle Partner, a leading marketing agency focused exclusively on the complex B2B initiatives of technology innovators across industries including hospitality, travel, healthcare, life sciences, pharma, media and entertainment. Previously, Alan has held executive-level positions with start-up companies such as Newtrade Technologies, (acquired by Expedia), Hotel Booking Solutions (acquired by IBS Software) and TrustYou. Alan is past Chair of The Board of Directors of The OpenTravel Alliance and has been very involved with other industry associations most notably AHLA, HEDNA, and HTNG. With over two decades of experience in the travel and hospitality technology world, Alan specializes in helping innovative companies achieve winning performance and dramatic growth. You can connect with Alan on LinkedIn.
Insights by Alan Young (79)

Is the Hospitality Industry Finally Putting COVID in the Rear-View Mirror?

I know that everyone is tired of hearing about COVID-19 and its impact on the hotel and travel industry. I could not agree more. I am exhausted when it comes to the daily barrage of pandemic stories on the news, online, via social, etc.

Hospitality Job Losses and Its Effect on Mental Health

We are in uncharted territory.

Why the Pandemic Will Inspire Every Guest to be a Travel Writer

People may look at this article and say, "been there, done that," however with the hotel industry breathing a small sigh of relief due to the introduction of a COVID-19 vaccine, it is more important than ever to make sure that you are ready for every guest a.

2021 Will Be the Year of Patience

This week, it was announced that two vaccine candidates have an over 90% effectiveness rate against the COVID-19 virus. This is incredibly good news for the travel and hospitality industry struggling under the weight of this unprecedented event.

Is the Hotel Industry About to Self-Destruct? Media Exposes Shocking Hotel Fails and Growing Guest Distrust

At the onset of the pandemic, the fall-out was immediate; in the span of a few weeks, hotel lobbies and airport terminals that were once bustling with travelers were left empty. Fear and distrust spread quickly, as did the realization that international travel may be off the table for an extended period of time.
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