Kirsten Z. Smiley

Vice President, Los Angeles

Kirsten Smiley

Kirsten Smiley is a Vice President with the HVS Consulting & Valuation office in Los Angeles, California. She is an expert in markets throughout the Pacific West. Her past experience in hospitality includes marketing, management, and guest service roles at the Mayflower Renaissance hotel in downtown Washington, D.C.; the Atherton Hotel in Stillwater, Oklahoma; and the Dong Fang Hotel in Guangzhou, China. Kirsten graduated with a BS in Hotel Management from the Business School of Sun Yat Sen University in Guangzhou and a BS in Hospitality Administration from Oklahoma State University. Contact Kirsten at +1 (405) 612-6255 or [email protected]

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Impact of COVID-19 on the Coachella Valley Lodging Market & Outlook

Before the pandemic, the Coachella Valley typically welcomed over 14 million visitors annually. The tourism industry generated more than $7 billion in economic impact and supported 53,000 jobs in 2019.

HVS Market Pulse: Fresno, CA

As the most populated city in the in the Central Valley, Fresno benefits from a diversified economic base, driven by the agriculture, manufacturing and distribution, and retail industries, as well as the healthcare and education sectors.

Market Pulse: Seattle, WA

My, oh, my! The famous catchphrase coined by Seattle Mariners' longtime sportscaster, Dave Niehaus, is ever so fitting as we look at how Seattle has changed over the last ten years. Seattle enjoys a diverse economy rooted in manufacturing, biotechnology, high technology, telecommunications, health care, and tourism.

Chinese Investment Trends in U.S. Hotel Real Estate

The rising trend of Chinese investment in the U.S. real estate market dates back to 2010, just as the nation's economy was pulling out of the recession. The impact of Chinese investment in U.S. residential and commercial properties— including hotels—has become increasingly pronounced every year since.

Hotels By Day: A New Opportunity for Travelers and Hotels

Anyone who has faced the prospect of an international flight with an eight-hour layover in New York or San Francisco knows how valuable it is to rest in a hotel room versus a bench in an airport lobby, groggily awaiting a connecting flight.