Nuresh Maredia

Director of Appraisal & Consulting Services for Hotel & Leisure Advisors and heads up the San Antonio office

Nuresh  Maredia

Nuresh has a Master of Science in Hospitality Business and a Bachelor of Arts in Business Finance, both from Michigan State University. He has generated appraisals, market feasibility studies, economic impact studies, and hotel impact studies for a wide variety of leisure and hospitality property types. Nuresh had consulted on some of the largest indoor waterpark properties in the United States. He has been a hospitality consultant since 2006, is a Certified General Real Estate Appraiser in Texas, and is a practicing affiliate with the Appraisal Institute. He can be reached via telephone at 210-319-5440 or via e-mail at [email protected]

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COVID-19 Impact On US Waterparks And Waterpark Resorts

Due to COVID-19, many outdoor waterparks delayed their season openings while others have decided, or were mandated, not to open at all in 2020. Many resorts with waterparks and standalone indoor waterparks were forced to close for several months, and some have yet to reopen.

Continued Growth in the Dallas Hotel Market

The Texas economy had a bumpy start in 2015 due to a sharp drop in global oil prices in late 2014, which resulted in thousands of lost jobs. However, the continued growth of the Dallas-Fort Worth market's broad and diversified economy is one reason Texas managed to stave off a downturn despite those oil-related job losses.