Dai Williams

Chief Growth Officer, SiteMinder

Dai WilliamsAs Chief Growth Officer, Dai Williams has driven the growth and diversification of the disruptive Software-as-a-Service model that placed SiteMinder among technology pioneers. Among the many programs that Dai has introduced are Demand Plus and SiteMinder Pay, which over FY2021 grew in adoption at a faster rate than any other SiteMinder offering, and the rapidly-expanding SiteMinder Partner Program. Today, Dai works with key leaders in the business to ensure alignment around the world as SiteMinder plans and executes its growth strategy. Prior, Dai filled several key roles that spurred SiteMinder’s growth from its earliest days. After establishing SiteMinder’s first overseas office, in London, he led the global sales organisation, and subsequently the opening of SiteMinder’s Galway office and broader expansion in EMEA as managing director for the booming region.
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We've witnessed a rapid evolution in consumer behaviour in the last 20 months. A boom in online commerce, driven by our elevated reliance on tech in day-to-day life, has created an expectation that hotels are as tech-enabled as the other businesses we're dealing with daily.

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PMSs remain at the core of a hotel's technology ecosystem. As we see among hoteliers, however, there is a two-speed economy that exists among the world's PMS providers which will determine the relevance and sustainability of every PMS in the long-term.

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As 2016 draws to a close, there has been one movement that has arguably surpassed them all during the last 12 months – mobile. There are more than 128 million Google search results for 'mobile hotel bookings', and guests are increasingly shifting to smaller screens.

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The relative stagnation of the sector is particularly troublesome when compared to hotel chains, which the report says are growing three times faster than independents. The independent share of the hotel market is expected to fall from 58% in 2013 to 56% in 2017.

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A severe skills shortage, a "revolving door" employment culture, and a lack of clear pathways for staff are among the causes of a productivity crisis costing the hospitality and tourism industry billions of pounds a year and damaging bottom lines throughout the sector.