Taylor Smariga

Copywriter and Content Marketing Executive

Taylor Smariga

Taylor is a Conversion Data Analyst & Distributor at Net Affinity. She graduated from Trinity College Dublin in May 2015, and studied Political Science, Philosophy, Economics and Sociology, all of which gave her a broad view of the social sciences and the way different disciplines approach a problem. She is passionate about writing, data, digital marketing, graphic design and dance, and does her best to apply the first four to her work at Net Affinity.

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3 Tips & Tricks to Build Your Independent Hotel's Brand

Brand marketing is one of the most beneficial types of marketing your hotel can use. To the public, your hotel's brand is your hotel's identity. A strong brand is vital for encouraging direct bookings, along with dozens of other benefits.

The 12 Days of Christmas Voucher Sales

75% of voucher sales occur in the 12 day run up to Christmas. The countdown to Christmas is officially on! What's on your wish list? For us, we're wishing all our hotel clients a string of successful voucher sales.

Black Friday Saw 57.5% Increase in Conversions for Hotels

Last Cyber Weekend was a big one for hotels. With more European hotels than ever before participating in Cyber Weekend, the four days from Black Friday through Cyber Monday. A relatively recent phenomenon on this side of the Atlantic – it's fascinating to see how quickly the trend has been picked up by consumers and sellers alike.

5 Strategies to Simplify the Guest Journey

How can you grow direct bookings on your hotel website? Help your guests make a booking in as few steps as possible. One thing that OTAs spend a lot of their time and money on is improving their conversion rate.

Does Your Hotel Create Content that Sells Rooms?

There are two main areas where content is important for hotels: firstly, the foundational content on your hotel website. Your website is your online 'hub'. Reflect that with the effort you put into the writing and imagery.
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