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Phil Butler

Partner at Pamil Visions Public Relations

Phil Butler is a publisher, editor, and analyst who's also a partner at the travel PR firm, Pamil Visions. A widely cited expert on technology startups, digital marketing and PR, and Eastern Europe, he's contributed to media such as The Epoch Times, The Huffington Post, NEO, Travel Daily News, The Prague Post, Pravda, and many others worldwide. Phil is considered one of the pioneers in digital media and social as well.

Articles by Phil Butler (17)

When A Simple Need Says - "It's Time to hyre"

A week ago, I was introduced to a new hospitality startup called "hyre", a Canadian startup aiming to reinvent event staffing. Founded by current CEO Eropa Stein, the budding talent source for hospitality help is impressive for quite a few reasons. First and foremost, Stein's ...

Schiller Bikes: Instituting a Water Biking Culture

What if you could walk on water? Better still, what if you could cycle instead? If memory serves me well, my own childhood mental excursions ventured to these possibilities back in central Florida. If only the inventor of Schiller Bikes, Judah Schiller had been around back then! ...