Mike Ford

Founder and Managing Director, SiteMinder

Mike Ford NewEven as organisations speak of innovation and efficiency as tired catch phrases, few can boast leadership in speed-to-market quite like Mike Ford. The seasoned IT executive found SiteMinder from his home in 2006 and has since pushed the business to the forefront of hotel guest acquisition technology, generating in excess of 100 million reservations worth over US$35 billion in revenue for 35,000 hotels each year. Today Mike is managing director and executive chairman of the Board at SiteMinder, which ranks among technology pioneers for its smart and simple solutions that put hotels everywhere their guests are.
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Hotel Technology During Crises, Does it innovate?

Post-crises, only those hoteliers will succeed who a) understand that we are dealing with exceedingly tech-savvy customers who are even more tech-demanding compared to just a year ago - the pandemic has accelerated digital transformation by as much as 7 years (McKinsey), and b) invest in technology to ensure contactless guest experience and improve operational efficiencies via automation, AI, IoT and robotization to lower labor costs, now consuming as much as 87% of RevPAR (CBRE).

Traveller Confidence Renewed By Vaccine Promise

This same time last year, Asia dominated Euromonitor International's annual list of the top 100 city destinations in the world, contributing 12 of the top 20 city destinations by arrivals and five of the top ten.

A Two-Speed World Eager To Bring In The New Year

For the first time since mid-March, SiteMinder's World Hotel Index showed that hotel bookings globally rose to above 55% of 2019 levels on 6 September, and then dropped back to 54.7% just three days later to mark the tenth week that hotel bookings have remained in the plateaued (second) stage of global recovery.

The Growing Divide Between Urban Areas And Regional Towns

It's been five months since COVID-19 became a reality for most of us. In that time, we've seen hotel bookings in the World Hotel Index drop to below 9% YoY globally, and then show an encouraging and sustained recovery to surpass 54% YoY in July.

Should hoteliers develop in-house or outsource IT applications and solutions?

I am a firm believer that hoteliers should stay focused on their core competencies to prosper in today's complex, hyper-dynamic environment. Unfortunately, technology is not and has never been one of hotelier's core competencies.
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