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François Bonvin

Co-founder & marketing freak at Base7booking. A blend of geekyness and provocation to discuss the future of hospitality. Read about entrepreneurial experiences and tech insights.

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Hotels: From Pokémon Go to the Pokeconomy

When Pokémon Blue and Red came out to the market 20 years ago it was a Game Boy instant success. Two decades later, Pokémon are showing up in the middle of the street, in parks, restaurants, and yes, also hotels thanks to augmented reality.

Set up Slack for your hotel

Since 2013, internal communication has been revolutionized by Slack. This startup made about 8000 signups during their first 24 hours of launch. At Base7booking, we use it and we love it. Slack helps us to communicate between the different departments and our different offices.

How Music Can Enhance Your Hotel Experience

Hotels become memorable not only for the quality of their services but also by stimulating guests' senses. From diffusing a mystical perfume to looking at a painting in a lobby, hoteliers have to trigger emotions from their guests.

The Rise Of The Sofa Hotelier

2016 is here and it will be an innovative and game changing year for the hospitality industry. But brace yourselves because this is not an umpteenth article about what the hospitality trends are for 2016.

5 risks for users of obsolete Property Management System

Hoteliers are increasingly "on page" with the proposed technologies to improve the management of their hotel. However, a minority of them remain convinced that using a modern hotel management system (PMS cloud-based) is not essential for the proper functioning of their institutions.