Stephanie Pougnet, PhD

Assistant Professor at Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne (EHL)

Stephanie  Pougnet, PhDStéphanie Pougnet, PhD, is an Assistant Professor at EHL. She has experience teaching and practicing management in Europe, America and Asia, with a focus on retailing, energy and food & beverage industries. She affirms that research and teaching in management should consistently meet the needs of both the educational sphere and the work sphere. With this ambition in mind, Stéphanie fosters students’ employability and entrepreneurship via pedagogical missions that result in implementing systems, processes, and dashboards to capitalize on internship experiences as well as on experiential learning based on problem-solving. She conducts research and consultancy for companies facing human capital challenges, and she coaches entrepreneurs. As a skydiving and snowboarding entrepreneur, she co-founded, a Swiss shop selling sport goods.

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Recruitment In The Digital Age: How To Be Agile?

Hey, you, employers, do you know that job candidates may be more anxious than enthusiastic about digital recruitment? And you, candidates, do you know how companies will use AR, VR and AI-based technologies as well as people analytics to assess your working potential (Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence)? Have you felt that job interviews really enabled you to show off all your knowledge, skills and abilities? No? Then, you may need an update about the changes just around the corner.

Virtual Reality: An Efficient Tool For Recruiting New Talent

Hiring is a science, an art, and sometimes, a balancing act. Are you ready to bring virtual reality (VR) into your hiring process? VR can not only you save time and money, but also improve your hiring talent when hiring talent.

Keg Wine On Tap: A Swiss Sustainable Innovation

Would you like to enjoy wine without harming anything or anyone? Wine that is served at a perfect temperature? Wine that has not wasted any money or time? Wine that is beneficial to both producer, di.

Four Seasons: Connecting People in The Hospitality Industry

About half a century ago, socio-economists already argued that connectivity, network, and communities would contribute to a better individual-organization fit: A better fit between customers and your company, a better fit between your employees and you, more loyal customers and employees.

Internships: An employer’s booster

In such a labor intensive sector as our hospitality industry, performance depends on human capital. Ironically however, in our industry, staff turnover rates are double and tenure rates are half those of other sectors.