Nicki Graham

Director of Marketing, EMEA & APAC at Cendyn

Nicki Graham

Nicki Graham is the Director of Marketing, EMEA & APAC at Cendyn. She currently leads on all marketing and communication efforts for Cendyn within these growing regions, heads up our marketing strategy for all our global partners, leads on all product marketing efforts and is our brand ambassador. When she's not out there promoting Cendyn, you'll find her either with her dog, Yukon, or out running.

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Global CRM Study Preview: What’s Next for the Future of CRM

The importance of a single source of truth as the centerpiece of a profitable customer relationship management strategy is one of the key takeaways from H2C's Global CRM Study. The vendor-agnostic study combined findings from an online survey of 62 executives of both global and regional hotel chains and interviews with 25 hotel executives and 11 technology providers.

Revenue Manager’s guide to CRM

Hotels use CRM to engage guests from the moment they book a room, throughout their stay, and on to every return visit. Every touch point along the way, from personalized marketing emails to confirmation to survey or post-stay offer, tells the guest, "We understand you, we value your business, and we're here to help.

A hotel marketer's guide to CRM

Typically, the marketing department plays the lead role in CRM, acting as the primary user and key operator of CRM software and managing guest communications and data.As the guardian of the hotel's brand, the marketing manager ensures that all guest communications are on brand and on message.

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