Nicki Graham

Vice President of Marketing at Cendyn

Nicki Graham

Nicola Graham is the Vice President of Marketing at Cendyn. She leads the global marketing and sales development teams to drive demand generation, brand awareness and maintain presence for Cendyn as the leading CRM, sales and revenue strategy provider for the hospitality industry.

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How to prepare for Apple’s Mail Privacy Protection

As of September 20, 2021, Apple released their latest operating systems: iOS 15, iPadOS 15, watchOS 8, and macOS Monterey. With these updates, many users will start using Apple’s latest Mail Privacy Protection feature, which you may have already read about and anticipated over the past few months.

HN World Panel: How to manage revenue in a pent-up demand era?

Considering the unprecedented global travel disruption and performance declines we've endured; hoteliers finally have something to look forward to. The world has spent the last 18 months dreaming about travel, but not actually going anywhere.

Email Ideas That Turn Lookers Into Bookers

Email is no doubt one of the most effective marketing tools for hotels to connect with past, present, and future guests. We’ve seen that even during a global pandemic, email shines through as one of the strongest, most reliable forms of communication.

The Email Benchmarks – How Is Email Impacting Reopening?

In our recent Email Benchmark Report, we saw that even through a global pandemic, email continued to reign as the favored channel of communication for marketing and business. It has forged its way as one of the most effective ways to stay connected in a socially distanced world.

Hotel Sentiment Survey Results: What Does Re-Opening Look Like During a Pandemic?

In a recent survey conducted at Cendyn, we spoke with hoteliers from across the globe and asked them how they are managing their re-opening strategy during a global pandemic. As a reminder to all, hotels are in different situations across the globe - not every hotel is closed right now but many were closed for a significant time and are just re-opening or planning to re-open, albeit at a limited capacity.
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