Harinakkshi Nair

Senior Associate at HVS Energy and Sustainability

Harinakkshi  Nair

Harinakkshi Nair, is Senior Associate with HVS Energy and Sustainability. She is an Auditor and Trainer for ECOTEL Certification. After graduating in Law and a short stint in the legal field, she shifted focus to Environment Management. She has successfully completed courses in Environment Management Systems from EARA and an EMS Internal Auditors course from Development Alternatives. She set up and effectively managed the eco-initiatives at The Orchid Mumbai, and went on to make it Asia's first 5 globe ECOTEL certified hotel. She later became part of USAEP and subsequently HVS, where she is responsible for the ECOTEL certification program for hotels across the Indian sub-continent. For further information, please contact: [email protected]

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