Ozan Dogruyol

Hospitality Executive at Hilton Worldwide

Ozan  Dogruyol

Ozan Dogruyol is an Hospitality Executive with a passion for writing on exceptional guest experiences and creating wow moments. He has 10+ years of experience working with leading hospitality brands, mainly with Hilton. He has broad front office and guest relations background, coupled with a long track record of exceeding expectations and delivering exceptional levels of guest service.

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How Employee Engagement Drives Customer Loyalty

Investing in your employees’ knowledge and happiness are sure pointers that can lead to improved business outcomes. To achieve this, the relationship between business owners and the customers they serve must be properly cemented and built on trust.

The Big Impact of Two Simple Words

The words we use have a big impact on the perceptions others have of us. Two of the most profound and impactful words to influence the way others see you are "thank you." These two seemingly simple words make a great deal of difference as to how you are perceived when interacting with others.

Timeless Principles of Hospitality for Exceptional Guest Experiences

What are the striking differences between a great hotel that is top-notch in every way and a mediocre one? What does it take to stand out as the best from the rest? The difference between excellence and mediocrity is smaller than you think.