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Managing Director and Partner of HVS Boston

Brian BisemaBrian Bisema is a Senior Vice President with HVS Boston. Brian is a state certified appraiser and has extensive experience throughout New England. He has consulted on and appraised hundreds of hotels. Brian earned his bachelor's degree in hospitality administration from Boston University. For more information contact Brian at +1 (781) 454-8930 or [email protected]

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The Long Road Back: COVID-19’s Impact On The Boston Lodging Market

According to STR, Boston’s revenue per available room (RevPAR) fell by more than $100 last year, from $147 in 2019 to $42 in 2020, recording a 71.3% decline that was severe by any measure, but also when compared with that of other major metropolitan areas.

Property Taxes Post COVID-19

After realizing record-high RevPAR levels with over 100 consecutive months of growth, the lodging industry continued to strengthen through 2019, albeit at a significantly more tempered rate. Then, in the first quarter of 2020, COVID-19 struck.

HVS Market Pulse: Portland, Maine

While much of the tourism in the area takes place in the city's historic Waterfront and Old Port neighborhoods, hotel development in these areas has largely slowed in recent years due to the lack of vacant land available.

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The hotel markets of Boston, Massachusetts; Rhode Island; and Portland, Maine have been performing at elite levels, say hotel experts at the recent HVS conference in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Still, some struggles remain, chiefly related to new supply.