Cristina A. Zegrea

Associate Director with HVS Dubai Office

Cristina Zegrea

Cristina Zegrea is Associate Director with HVS Dubai Office. After practicing law, Cristina redirected her focus to hospitality sales & marketing. Performing in various managerial roles for multiple established international hotel chains, Cristina developed a solid foundation and in-depth understanding of hotel demand, rate positioning strategies and hotel operations. While at HVS, Cristina has conducted multiple highest and best use feasibility studies, valuations, operator searches, operational assessments and strategic advice assignments throughout the Middle East and North Africa. For more information contact, [email protected]

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2016 Middle East Hotel Survey

As a result of the historically low oil price, geopolitical instability and weak global economic recovery, the regional economic growth decelerated in 2015. Nonetheless, the MENA remains one of the fastest growing regions worldwide.