Victoria S Richman

CFO and COO of HVS Hotel Management and HVS Asset Management - Newport

Victoria 'Vicki' RichmanVicki Richman, CFO and COO of HVS Hotel Management and HVS Asset Management - Newport, has diverse industry experience including as Director, Consulting Services, Stephen W. Brener Associates, Inc., New York. She is a focused manager and analyst who is able to interpret information and deliver it a useful and comprehensive manner to the end users. She is a native of Newton (Boston), Mass. and has an undergraduate degree from Brown University and a Wharton MBA. Contact Vicki at +1 (401) 625-5017 or [email protected]

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Critical Components of an Effective “Order to Appoint a Receiver” – From the Lender’s Perspective

It is inevitable - many hotels will go into receivership and/or foreclosure in the coming months. Some owners cannot afford to fight any longer, some lenders cannot kick the can down the road any longer, or any number of other reasons will start them down this path.

What Time Is The 3 PM Parade? (Should your hotel have some Mickey Mouse® in it?)

Years ago the Disney Institute held a seminar in Minneapolis . Among the co-sponsors was the Minnesota Hotel & Lodging Association. Vicki Richman, our CFO, attended and I have adapted her notes for this article.