Katie Scheer

Vice President at ProSolutions

Katie Scheer

Since May, 2002, Katie Scheer, co-author of ProLearning Blog, has been with ProSolutions (hospitality consulting, training, and evaluation experts). As the Vice President, she leads ProSolutions operations, sales and marketing, network and revenue management, new customer initiatives, and corporate strategy. She takes the success of ProSolutions very seriously and is very passionate about helping other companies to also achieve optimal success. ProSolutions has helped major hotel companies to uncover customer service opportunities and greatly increase their sales and revenue, and they have built customized training and certification programs that enable companies and hotels to take their teams to the next level in performance. Katie can be contacted at [email protected] or 877-274-3971.

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What Four Things Impact First Impressions?

First impressions are paramount since they are highly accurate; how you are instantly evaluated can make or break your success. And you have heard before that a first impression is made within 5 seconds, but I believe it's faster.

It's All About Customer Service AND Sales

Business is acquired through quality customer service and sales, which builds a memorable customer experience. And, this business is kept through having a great product/service that is supported by both of these.

Green is the New Black

Hotels- this one's for you! In 2017, we asked >2,500 hotels what they are doing to "go green." So we have good info for you...

Let's revisit this: Are You a WINNER or a LOSER?

The start of a new year brings a higher drive to succeed as goals are made and strategies are set, so it's fitting to revisit what it takes to be a winner. Let's win this year by achieving our visions for 2018.

Learn the Four C's of Successful Selling

It is a very competitive and fast paced consumer world. For your business to thrive, you must take the time to learn (and know) your product, competition, market trends, economic factors, and current events.
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