Breanna S. Smith

Vice President, Portland

Breanna SmithBreanna Smith, a Vice President with HVS Portland, gained revenue and sales management experience while working for Marriott International. In these roles, she made corporate sales for full-service Marriott-branded hotels across Texas, conducted strategic analyses and daily management of hotel transient guest performance data, and created strategies to maximize hotel revenue. Breanna earned a BSBA in Hospitality Management from the Daniels College of Business at the University of Denver. For more information, contact Breanna at [email protected] or (303) 667-8860.

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HVS Market Pulse: Interstate 5 Corridor Tourism Destinations in Oregon

Salem, the state capital of Oregon, has not historically been known as a tourism destination. However, in recent years, the city's local economy has diversified to include manufacturing, distribution, and technology.

HVS Market Pulse: Vancouver, Washington

As the second-largest city in the Portland metro area, and the fourth-largest city in Washington state, Vancouver will benefit from 5,500 additional housing units in the pipeline, according to city representatives.

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The Spokane Convention Center is located on the south bank of the Spokane River in Downtown Spokane. The campus consists of the nearly 500,000-square-foot Spokane Convention Center building and the INB Performing Arts Center.

HVS Market Pulse: Boise, Idaho

Boise is closing in on the ranks of the top ten cities in which to live in the U.S., according to the 2017 survey by U.S. News & World Report. The reasons for the elevated ranking—number 12, as of this year—include affordability, job prospects, and overall quality of life.

An HVS Guide to Hotel Revenue Management

Loosely speaking, revenue management (AKA "yield management"), a cornerstone of successful hotel operations, follows a formula: sell the right product to the right customer at the right time for the right price.