Charlie Osmond

Co-Founder & Chief Tease at Triptease

Charlie  Osmond

Passionate about improving online travel, Charlie launched Triptease to help hotels deliver a better digital experience and increase direct bookings. Charlie built his first business straight after graduating from Oxford with a degree in engineering. He was named Young Entrepreneur of the Year by Esquire Magazine and one of HSMAI’s ‘Extraordinary Minds’. He won The Sunday Times £5M London Entrepreneur Challenge, is a member of YPO Manhattan, a Companion of CMI and a Fellow of the British American Project.Charlie’s also a member of the British Airways Business Advisory Board.

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Is hotel metasearch a distribution or advertising channel?

False dichotomy. It's both. The question takes a hotel-centered view of the channel. If you instead start with the guest and consider different moments in a buying journey, there are clearly times where it best operates as a marketing channel, a step in the research journey, and others where it is pure distribution.

How big of a threat to the hospitality industry is Airbnb’s upcoming IPO?

Welcome to 2020. Airbnb is part of the hospitality industry already. Get over it. I hope IPO cash might help them ease Expedia and Booking's oligopolistic power. I hope IPO cash might have them boost a faster global return to travel.

Will Google dominate hotel bookings?

Is Google going to be a winner amid and post COVID-19?Charlie thinks so. "They've improved their commission model and have the benefit of the integration with Google Maps, which positions them at the starting point of search.

Have the OTAs Been Weakened by COVID-19? Clip 1

Nicole is seeing OTA's getting their fair share of bookings during the COVID-19 crisis. Charlie sees hotels falling into two buckets coming out of the crisis:1. Opportunists - Never before have guests spent so much time on hotel websites, and never before has there been such a high risk of cancellations.

Will Under-30 Male Gamers Going to Save Hospitality?

Governments around the world are loosening restrictions brought on by COVID-19 and Nicole, Andrew, and Charlie talk about the current travel searches and bookings they are seeing. Full length interview.
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