Jeremiah Magone

Marketing Director at Hospitality Copywriting

Jeremiah Magone

Jeremiah Magone is a direct response copywriter specializing in the hospitality industry. His interest in the industry stems from living all over the States, parts of Europe and his most recent 8-year stint in Japan. He is the author of the 300% More Direct Bookings in 30 Days social media marketing system and Hospitality Marketing Synergy, which shows hotels how to improve their group sales results by creating win-win partnerships. His hobbies include sipping wine with his wife, reading to his son and writing in the early mornings.

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Overcoming the fear of IMPLEMENTATION

People are funny. And the way they respond to things rarely makes sense, at least not right away. Just think about how most hoteliers make decisions when it comes to technology upgrades, for example. They start by looking around, talking with technology providers, and going to demos to figure out the best way forward.

The 7 Sins of Tech Sales

I spoke with a would-be innkeeper last Tuesday, and it seemed like he was staring at the opportunity of a lifetime.

Is this mistake hurting your hotel tech sales?

If sales haven't been as strong as you'd hoped in 2018, there are probably as many reasons for that as there are ads on the Internet… But over the past 6 years, as a copywriter and marketing strategist for hospitality tech companies, I've found that a lack in sales generally comes down to one key problem: sending the right message, but at the wrong time.

Will VR replace your ‘Rooms’ pages in the near future?

If you're finding your PPC costs going up, without a noticeable improvement in revenue… the majority of people bounce from your website in less than 2 minutes… or you feel your TripAdvisor reviews ar.

A day in the life of a paid marketing ‘war room’ – Interview with Calvin Anderson

I got a chance to talk with Calvin Anderson, Senior Vice President and Chief of Revenue Optimization at RLH Corporation, recently.
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