Desiree M. M. Flanary

Senior Vice President at HVS Portland

Desiree M. Flanary

Desiree Flanary, MAI is a Senior Vice President with HVS Portland. HVS leaders now live in and work from more than 30 markets throughout the North American region, including San Diego, LA, San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, Vancouver, Las Vegas, and Phoenix in the west. Desiree earned her bachelor's degree from the University of Northern Colorado and has front-line hotel experience in both front office and housekeeping operations. Desiree travels and works extensively in the northwestern U.S. and along the West Coast, with a particular emphasis in the Central Pacific region. Contact Desiree at (970) 381-9794 or [email protected]

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HVS Market Pulse: Portland, OR

Portland, Oregon, is known as the "Rose City." From the growth realized over the last several years in industries ranging from athletic gear to hotels, the city is in bloom. Despite strong demand and billions of dollars in business expansion, there is some threat of new supply during the next several years putting downward pressure on occupancy.