William Cotter

Founder and Managing Director of Net Affinity

William CotterFounder & CEO of Net Affinity Limited, a travel technology company, providing SaaS-based technology solutions for independent and group hotels across Europe. With a keen interest in travel tech, William has played a crucial role in the development of Net Affinity's own sophisticated client-centric SaaS products and is particularly interested in how this breed of technology will continue to influence where the hotel technology space goes in the future to meet the needs of the ever evolving consumer.

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How Do You Simplify The Lives Of Hoteliers? With The Best Breed Of Technology, For Starters

The structure of the hotel industry in Europe continues to evolve, and remains fragmented, despite chain hotels increasing their percentage share of overall room stock. Many countries, including some very large destination markets like Italy and Greece, have a large percentage of hotels which are unbranded, independent and family owned, many with 50 rooms or less.