Themis Trakas

Director with HVS Athens Office

Themis TrakasThemis Trakas is a Director with HVS Athens Office. He joined HVS in 2006 having ten years of operational experience in the hospitality industry in Greece, Switzerland, and the United States. He holds an MBA in Accounting from Baruch College in New York and a Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Administration from Cornell University. Since joining HVS, he has completed numerous feasibility studies, valuations, and market research analyses throughout Greece, Italy, Morocco, the Caribbean region, Cyprus, Turkey, Malta, and the Balkans. Please contact Themis at +30 (210) 361-2085 or [email protected]

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Impact of COVID-19 on Greek Tourism: Industry Experts' Opinion

The Greek hotel industry is bruising, as it has been forced to a grinding halt. However, even on a dauntless note during such times, the hospitality industry is characterized by its resilience to perform and navigate itself through enhanced novel strategies.

HVS: Impact of COVID-19 in Italy

After the initial actions taken during February 2020 to contain the expansion of COVID-19, which provided limitations and restrictions only to certain activities and areas of the country (closing direct flights with China, prohibition of big gatherings and sport events, creation of red zones at Province and Regional level in North Italy), the Italian Government issued a Law Decree on 11 March providing for a shutdown of many activities and several limitations to other activities across the entire Italian territory.

In Focus: Florence, Italy

This market snapshot presents current data and information on the upscale and luxury hotel and tourism industry in Florence, Italy. In writing such articles, we utilise the expertise of HVS in each market to the full extent by combining our in-house data and research together with published information regarding the examined destinations.

In Focus: Greece

In December 2008, we put together an article titled "The Changing Face of the Greek Hospitality Market" outlining the situation in the Greek hotel market at that time. Nearly eight years later, and after a volatile period inside and outside the country, we think it is appropriate to update our findings since we all live in "a completely different world" which has been profoundly transformed in terms of the sense of general prosperity prevailing in the Western economies since the mid-2000s.