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Mihaela Lica Butler

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Mihaela Lica-Butler is the founder and senior partner at Pamil Visions PR. She is a widely cited authority on public relations issues (BBC News, Reuters, Al Jazeera, The Epoch Times and others), with an experience of over 12 years in online PR. When she doesn't work, she enjoys writing children's books and developing recipes.

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Fastbooking infographic shows Google dominance

The metasearch analysis compared key metasearch players like TripAdvisor, Google Hotel Ads, Trivago, and HotelsCombined for various performance indicators. The study demonstrates that regarding volume, cost, ROI, and trend analysis, metasearch is growing to dominate even Google ...

Valentine's Day PR tips for Hoteliers and Hospitality Pros

February may be the shortest month of the year, but its PR potential is the greatest because it celebrates Valentine's Day. Whether you love the holiday or you totally dislike it, the day has enormous sales potential. But before you start counting your revenue, here's the most ...

Travel and Hospitality Predictions for 2017

There's something special about the end of the year, as industry experts in every niche look ahead with hope, trying to predict what the future will change and bring new in their respective fields. Hospitality follows the trend, and I have been speaking with several personalities ...