Roger El Khoury

Managing Partner at NEORCHA sarl

Roger El KhouryRoger El Khoury established NEORCHA in 2015 with a vision of creating one of the leading mobile applications companies in the world. Starting his career as an IT service expert, Roger is one of the leading experts on IT service solutions, and has an innate understanding of how systems can be used to identify effective and innovative solutions for businesses. Roger offers unparalleled insights into customer needs and priorities, and how to integrate these into collaborative and interactive mobile applications.
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Why don’t we see a bigger uptake on digital transformation initiatives in hotels?

Imagine the possibility of saving significant time on each and every hotel check-in and being able to give that time back to your front office team to spend quality time with guests. Or, imagine havi.

Hotel apps: What’s next?

In an increasingly competitive environment, with mounting pressure on profitability, hoteliers continually look for ways to make their operations more efficient while ensuring an enhanced guest experience.