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Marianne Varkiani

Social Media & Communications Specialist at GBTA

Marianne Varkiani is GBTA's Social Media & Communications Specialist and the founder of Discover Iran, a travel agency meant to bridge divides between international communities. In her free time, Marianne can be found hiking, reading or eating. Go Terps!

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What Happens After Something Happens?

The coordination of response and recovery efforts is one of the most complex situations an organization can face and reiterates the critical importance of being prepared and having a plan in place. GBTA Risk Committee Chair Erin Wilk was recently joined by iJET International's ...

Hoteliers Shift Focus To China

Hotel companies like Marriott International and InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG) are increasingly shifting their focus to Chinese travelers due to a surge in China's travel market, according to a recent article by Business Vancouver. This shift in focus has resulted in major ...