Laura Zizka

Assistant Professor at Ecole hôteliere de Lausanne (EHL)

Laura  ZizkaWith more than 20 years of international teaching experience (Czech Republic, USA, and Switzerland), Laura Zizka, PhD, has been a faculty member at EHL since 2002. As an Assistant Professor, she teaches Business Communication and Academic Writing to undergraduate and graduate students as well as coaching Student Business Projects and undergraduate theses. In 2017, Dr. Zizka prepared her first digital course on Academic Integrity and is currently preparing a digital course on Academic Writing and a traditional course on strategic/crisis communication, for the online MBA cohort. Since completing her PhD in Management in 2014, Dr. Zizka has been presenting at conferences and publishing papers on various communications topics both in higher education and the workplace. One of her main areas of interest lies in the link between CSR/sustainability reporting and communication and its link to corporate reputation. She is also interested in the gaps between higher education and the workplace.

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3 ways to fix the hospitality labor shortage & welcome back employees

On November 22, 2021, EHL hosted the International Advisory Board (IAB) conference on campus. This was the first IAB meeting on-site in two years. Their two days were packed with presentations from faculty members, students and workshops on pressing topics in the hospitality industry.

Destination Marketing: How To Use Images To Promote A Destination

A picture is worth a thousand potential visitors to a destination! Destination marketing organizations have used photos to inform, persuade and remind tourists. The popularity of selfie culture further reinforces the importance of pictures, as millennials always search for that Kodak moment! Yet, is there a method to select the best images to promote a destination? After one and a half years of research, we have developed the "Imagery Diagnosis Model," which is the answer.

Coronavirus Crisis Communication: a Wicked Problem

In the workplace, we often face problems. They could derive from suppliers, employees, managers or customers. This is particularly evident in the hospitality industry where every day is met with new problems which we often refer to as challenges.

Teaching Sustainability in STEM and Hospitality Programs: Different Approaches…. Same World!

It's curious to write an article on two seemingly diametrically opposed educational programs. On the one hand, Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths (STEM); on the other hand, hospitality. At first glance, there seems to be nothing in common with these studies.

Companies Like Google Or Amazon Ran A Hospitality Business?

Creating authentic and captivating experiences is crucial for the competitiveness of hospitality businesses because it can increase value for consumers ([1]; [6]). Experiences are, by definition, co-created in hospitality, meaning they result from "the joint creation of value by the company and the customer" ([7]), regardless whether in high-touch or high-tech contexts ([3]).
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