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Romulo  VallejoRomulo is a veteran hospitality executive with a unique perspective on developing successful organizational cultures. His expertise lies on more that twenty years building teams on multi-cultural/lingual environments specially in South Florida, Latin-America and the Caribbean. He combines utilizing people's strengths, team building, and focusing all team members on achieving the company goals. Romulo’s unique areas of expertise are in business operations, financial analysis, strategic planning, team development, and cultivating sustainable service cultures. He has developed a structured process for assessing the management and operational needs of a hotel by working closely with owners, operators, and general managers in multi-lingual and culturally diverse areas throughout the Caribbean and Latin America, as well as South Florida. Romulo bridges cultural differences in hotel operations by integrating talented individuals from all over the world, giving properties a unique advantage over competitors. He brings a high-level understanding of political, economic, and cultural differences found in each region he serves.

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