Kevin McCarthy

Principal Consultant at McCarthy Consultancy B.V.

Kevin  McCarthy

Kevin McCarthy has been a central figure in some of the industries biggest and most challenging projects over the last 10 years. Kevin has led major technology transformation projects and held senior managerial and director positions in technology and hotel corporate offices across the world, gaining international expertise by locating around the world from Germany to Switzerland to the UAE with countless other countries where projects completed successfully under his guardianship. Today he works with some of the worlds biggest and some of the worlds most aspiring hotel chains and likes to label himself a translator for operations to technology and back again to enable the enrichment and betterment of the hotel experience for all, while delivering positive, ethical and acute results to all stakeholders. Kevin, who is Irish, lives in The Netherlands with his wife and two children.

Insights by Kevin McCarthy (4)

AI Can Rescue Hospitality

It's 2020, my name is Jack and I work at the front desk of a busy 3-star hotel at Amsterdam airport called the Grand Hotel (fictitious). Our clientele is the usual airport hotel clientele you would expect, crews, holidaymakers, business travelers, and in low season some tour groups.

CRM + PMS = Time to wake up and smell the Coffee

Think about all your possessions, all your worldly belongings, how you travel, and where you stay. I have just walked through my house in my mind and thought of brands that exist in my life for more than 3 years, and persist in their presence.

Trade in Sentimentality for a Future Proof PMS

My team and I have now converted 36 properties to Opera Cloud PMS and another 10 confirmed for migration in 2017, and 20+ to come in 2018. This is one part of a bigger project including Cloud Revenue Management, Cloud CRM, Cloud POS etc.

Isn’t it time we all changed how we drive our PMS?

Its 0450am, Sunday 3rd of September 1967. It's a quite night on the roads, a little cold but clear skies. Drivers all around Sweden have just stopped their vehicles, looked and put on their indicators to turn right.