Mariano Faz

Head of TFG Asset Management

Mariano Faz

Mariano Faz is Head of TFG Asset Management in Dubai. He is responsible for the asset management of the company’s Hospitality and Real Estate portfolio which comprises over 3,000 units in the UAE and an additional 3,000 hotel units under development. During his tenure, Mariano has guided the strategic planning efforts to achieve investment objectives on behalf of owners. He provides leadership to the asset management team and ensures that the hotels are managed to the best of their capacity.

Mariano is an active HAMA (Hotel Asset Management Association) member and also is part of the HSMAI (Hotels Sales & Marketing Association International) Advisory Board. Mariano brings over sixteen years of expertise within the hospitality sector, where he has held a number of management, finance and operational roles. He has successfully negotiated multiple hotel management contracts, coordinated pre-openings and possesses in-depth knowledge of hotel industry trends.

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Asset Management Guide: Operator Search

One aspect I have been focusing on lately is the operator search and contract negotiations. We prioritise this process to ensure that we get the best fit for each property and that we achieve the highest yield for our investors.

The impact of the newly added VAT on the UAE hospitality sector

Earlier this year it was announced that the GCC states would introduce a value added tax (VAT) rate of 5% to be levied anytime between 2018 and 2019. The UAE Ministry of Finance has announced that it will be implemented as early as the 1st of January 2018.

Hotel Asset Management Guide: The Budget Process

The fourth quarter of every year is undoubtedly the busiest time of the year for all hotel stakeholders including operators, owners, and asset managers. The concerned parties will review, analyze and approve budgets for the following year.

Hotel Asset Management: Acquisition Process and Strategies

Whether it is the acquisition of an existing hotel property or new land, the process remains equally complex and requires extensive due diligence. The potential owner must conduct his or her own valuation and market studies to decide whether an opportunity is of interest.

Hotel Asset Management Guide: Some Hotel Asset Management Best Practices

The role of the appointed asset manager is undeniably valuable for owners' whose properties are under the operation of a management company. The asset manager acts on behalf of the owners' interests with a core objective to optimize value and.
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