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Elena Briola

CMO at Cloud4Wi

Elena has more than ten years of marketing, technical and economic expertise in the wireless industry. Currently Elena serves as CMO of Cloud4Wi and is responsible for all areas of marketing and communications, including product marketing, marketing communications, corporate communications and internal communications. Moreover, she has written several articles and reports on new generation wireless technologies. Elena started her career at Telecom Italia Labs in Turin, where she performed advanced Research & Development activities on mobile access networks. Then she moved to WiTech, where she served as CMO in the last period. She held a Degree in Telecommunications Engineering from the University of Pisa.

Articles by Elena Briola (1)

Putting Wi-Fi to Work for You

This means moving from standard Wi-Fi to advanced guest Wi-Fi. What is that? Advanced guest Wi-Fi is differentiated from the standard Wi-Fi offered at your local coffee shop by a host of branded features and services, often leveraging location-based technologies, in order to ...