Gary Hernbroth

Founder of Training for Winners

Gary HernbrothGary founded Training for Winners after 18 years in the hospitality business, where he developed valuable business savvy and a wealth of experience in many areas including sales, negotiation, managing others, customer care, leadership, project management, opening a business, training, forecasting, creating budgets & action plans, hiring, and teamwork. As such, he brings a real-world approach to his training programs and speaking presentations. He uses humor when appropriate, and strives to move his audiences to ACTION!

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Do You Want Your Emails to Have a Better “Open Rate?” Try These 6 Tipping Points Designed to Help You Accomplish That

"Irresistible attraction." "Curiosity." "Immediate attention." No, I'm not describing the light-headed feeling of romance. I'm describing three of the most critical elements that the subject line in your emails should contain.

Talking About Ourselves and Telling Our Story Is Not Always Easy – Here Is a Way to Do It Effectively

Have you ever been asked to "toot your own horn," to tell others about or list your talents, abilities and qualities? How did it make you feel to answer that query? It can be a bit off-putting, right? Whether you’re on the sending side or the receiving side, if it’s overdone it can be downright uncomfortable or cringe-worthy.

Have You Ever Considered Using Failure as an Attribute?

Whether you are looking for a job or being considered for a new responsibility, let me twist the familiar here and suggest that failure - yes, failure - could actually be your ally.

When Customers Speak To Us, Are We Listening?

I firmly believe that we can learn a lot from our failures and setbacks - IF we pay attention. In fact, I recently spoke on this very topic at the Club Management Association of America's World Congress in Nashville.

Customer Service – Or Just Lip Service?

If you are a road warrior, things like this have happened to you. I placed a $20 bill on top of the front desk at a major brand hotel, and asked the front desk agent if she would please break it up for me, for tips and such.