Nicole Rosenkranz

Associate Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship at EHL

Nicole Rosenkranz

Nicole’s research interests lie in examining the importance of organizational and role identities in shaping strategic responses that drive entrepreneurial behavior and ultimately organizational change. She regularly conducts field research studying the processes by which managers and employees innovate or adapt strategies, and how they affect change at the organizational level.

Nicole teaches at all levels from bachelor to executive level in the fields of strategy, innovation and entrepreneurship.

She received her Ph.D. from the University of St.Gallen, and an MBA from the European Business School. She serves as a reviewer to diverse journals, amongst which Organization Science, Academy of Management Review, and the Journal of Management.

Prior to joining EHL she was a senior researcher at ETH Zürich and affiliated faculty at the Wharton Business School, University of Pennsylvania. Nicole brings with her several years of corporate experience both from the fields of finance and consulting.

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There is the paid search, the SEOs and everything else you pay commission for. This is the landscape at the moment. So, you have as a hotel, you have a Greek salad, which is very tasty, but if you mix it, it doesn't look very constructive.

Strategic Management: Extending Our Thinking On Ecosystems And Business Models (Nicole Rosenkranz)

Hospitality companies, by-and-large, have traditionally defined their business as selling services and experiences. As such, their strategies have evolved around two classic worldviews in strategy – determining and defending a competitive advantage through market positioning, and resource endowment.

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A look into the role of art in hospitality spaces and its beneficial impact on customers, employees and company identity.

Ecosystems Strategy in the Age of Digitization

The transformation of the hospitality industry is relentlessly progressing. In the past 20 years the hospitality landscape has seen the inception of service providers like OTAs, the creation of new market segments, like online private rental platforms, and more recently a proliferation of digital services ranging from revenue management to advanced customer interfaces.

Women-Led Businesses: Getting the Female Founders’ Perspective

June 14, 2019, the second Grève de la femme (women's strike) in Swiss history took place after the first 28 years ago. Over half a million women took to the streets in protest of gender inequality. Unfortunately, the world today still shows a large gap in the appreciation of both genders in the business world and beyond.
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