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Eric Mason

Leader, Problem Solver, Market Maker and Start-up Mentor

Eric Mason has held leadership positions throughout the hospitality, membership and loyalty industries and has successfully developed, grew and repositioned various organizations. An accomplished strategist, Eric understands consumers and market trends by conducting in-depth quantitative and qualitative research, turning that research into actionable strategies that allow companies to achieve and exceed desired revenue and growth targets while maintaining a high degree of internal cohesiveness.

While Eric has led many initiatives, he also bridges the divide between traditional industries and the 21st century's sharing economy. Before entering the short-term rental industry, let's talk.

Eric has led the development and growth of some of the industries leading technology solutions. He has developed distribution strategies for many large management companies, chains and independent properties leveraging his thorough knowledge of industry channels and how they apply to different business conditions and strategies. He led one of the largest studies ever conducted for the Vacation Rental industry while serving in his senior role with Cendant Global Vacation Network Group, which later became Wyndham Exchange & Rentals, a Wyndham Worldwide Company. Eric has also managed large operations globally.

Eric’s unique combination of Research & Development, Operations, Sales and Marketing, Branding, Electronic Distribution Management, e-commerce, Customer Relationship Management and Strategy Development experience enables him to effectively drive organizations to achieve their strategic goals.

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