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Abby Ward

Content Marketing Executive

Abby is a British-born Content Marketer with previous marketing experience for a US hotel chain & independent hotel group. Graduating in 2015 with a BA Hons. degree in Journalism with French from Kingston University London, Abby is primarily a copywriter but has a growing passion for all things digital! When she’s not at work she enjoys coastal walks, salsa classes, and city breaks.

Articles by Abby Ward (5)

The 12 Days Of Christmas Voucher Sales 2017

We've been monitoring voucher trends and clear patterns have emerged over the years - in November and December 2016, voucher sales demonstrated a clear start date, peak period and drop-off of sales which hoteliers should take note of. We've analysed our client data to shed light ...

5 Golden Rules Of Christmas Campaigns

As well as making your hotel look the part for the festivities, a killer campaign is also essential to get lots of bookings and profit. There is so much 'white noise' out there across all industries when it comes to Christmas campaigns, it can be difficult to make yours stand ...