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Eric Liebman

Vice President – Hospitality at Elavon

Eric began his hotel career in the Caribbean nearly 25 years ago as a Director of Marketing. Since then, Eric has been in Asia Pacific, holding a host of senior roles with the likes of Starwood, Marriott Hotels, Regal Hotels and Millennium Hotels Int’l. Ultimately Eric was recruited by Pegasus Solutions to be Vice President - Asia Pacific, where he helped look after a portfolio of more than 1,500 hotels, 9 call centers and a range of operational offices.

Early in the 21st Century, Eric was recruited by IBM’s Business Consulting Group as a Managing Consultant based in Singapore, working with the major Airlines, Airports and Hotel companies throughout Asia Pacific, focusing on a range of areas such as Technology, Loyalty, Business Strategy and Operations. Years later, Eric would join Millennium Hotels as Global Head of Technology based out of London and Singapore.

In 2014, Eric and his family returned to the USA and joined Elavon as the Vice President - Hospitality, responsible for the strategy and direction of Elavon’s Hotel and Restaurant sectors, helping their customers deliver an exceptional and secure buying experience for their guests.

Eric graduated from the prestigious Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University with a degree in Aeronautics. He lives in Florida with his wife and their 2 sons and 2 Golden Retrievers.

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