Michael McCartan

SaaS & Travel Tech Business Leader & Advisor

Michael  McCartan

I value human interactions and experiences deeply, so it is not a surprise that early in my career I switched from engineering to travel. For the past 20 years I have combined my technical background with my passion to provide enhanced customer experiences by working with the most innovative companies in travel technology.

From my early days enabling the initial wave of OTAs to process the first online hotel bookings, designing solutions to feed meta search engines with real-time pricing at scale and launching the first integrated channel manager to revolutionising revenue management through the concept of open pricing I have experienced a tremendous amount innovation and transformation first hand.

During this time I established a reputation as an empathetic leader who has transformed businesses by developing high performance teams (in sales, customer success, product management and implementation management), driving cross functional collaboration with key departments such as HR, marketing, product management, finance etc and delivering customer service excellence. My expertise encompasses all aspects of business development and delivery. Further, my ability to represent the needs of my customers and build consensus among executive teams and stakeholders, to drive positive change has been repeatedly proven.

But I can’t stop now. The possibilities being unlocked by AI and cloud computing means that we are at the dawn of a new era where the very best of human capabilities and intentions combines with the power and speed of sophisticated machines to produce customer experiences only dreamed of a few years ago. Bring it on!

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Most of us involved in hospitality technology are aware that in 2015 McKinsey ranked our sector third last in their Digitalization Index, with only construction and agriculture keeping us off bottom place.

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At the start of the COVID19 crisis there were calls from many respected quarters for hotels not to follow the pricing recommendations suggested by the revenue management systems (RMS) for fear that this would lead to a race to the bottom.

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