Lenka Trckova

Industry Manager at trivago

Lenka Trckova

Lenka is a member of trivago’s Industry Management team for English-speaking markets. She grew up in a family of entrepreneurs and studied marketing communication and business management in the Czech Republic. She joined trivago to pursue her passion for the hospitality industry and is focused on supporting hoteliers to reach their online potential through marketing and technology.

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What Winter Trends Do Hoteliers in Canada Need to Know?

From one end of the country to the other, Canada boasts perfect winter wonderland escapes. Whether it's observing rare wildlife, hitting the slopes, or just exploring one of its great cities, there are many reasons why travelers all over the world visit the Great White North this winter season.

What Winter Trends Do Hoteliers in the US Need to Know?

Boasting a large variety of climatic regions and geographic features, including mountains and deserts, the US offers travelers extensive options for finding their ideal winter getaway. In this article, we will uncover who the visitors to the US are this season*, what are the most popular destinations for domestic and international visitors, and what are the prices travelers are searching for.

The trivago Awards 2018: This Year’s Top-Rated Hotels

The moment we've all been waiting for has finally arrived. The trivago Awards 2018 results are in – after reviewing the data and tallying the scores, it's time to reveal the best-rated hotels around the world.

What 2017 Fall Trends Tell US Hoteliers About Traveler Behavior

Before leaf-changing season kicks into full swing, check out our fall travel trends that reveal interesting insights into traveler search behavior. Our data* tells us where travelers to the US are coming from and what cities they're going to and compares their search behavior with those traveling domestically.

What 2017 Autumn Trends Tell Irish Hoteliers About Traveller Behaviour

We've analysed search behaviour data* for travellers on trivago to uncover where visitors to Ireland are coming from this autumn, what cities they're going to and to compare their search behaviour with those travelling domestically.
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