Lara Salomon

Content Marketing Specialist at GuestRevu

Lara Salomon

Lara is an avid photographer, blogger, and Content Marketing Specialist at GuestRevu. Her focus is on bringing the latest hospitality news and trends to hoteliers and encouraging guest satisfaction.

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Catching MICE with guest feedback

Does the thought of hundreds of guests descending on your property, filling the rooms, restaurant, halls and lobby sound like a dream, or a nightmare? On the face of it, it can seem like a wonderful opportunity for meeting targets, but small cracks that may appear during the day-to-day running of a property can spread and break under the pressure of MICE.

The anxious traveller — how you can help

I struggled to sleep on the Thursday before Easter weekend. My mind was working overtime going through all the things that might go wrong — Would we get lost on our way to the hotel? Would they cater to vegetarians? Would we arrive and discover a mistake with our booking? Had I packed everything that I would need? By the time my alarm chirped to life, I was exhausted.

5 Reasons why The Shed shouldn't scare you

When freelance writer Oobah Butler decided to make a fake restaurant for the purposes of proving that "TripAdvisor was a false reality", he realised that he had a number of hurdles ahead of him. From overcoming TripAdvisor's fraud checks, to convincing friends to write over 100 realistic-looking reviews and relying on the gullibility of the public, running The Shed became a full-time job, and all for a restaurant that never existed, and never had paying customers to satisfy.

Earn more direct bookings for your hotel with transparency

On Monday morning, I decided that since I knew all about the high commissions that hotels are charged for bookings through online travel agents (OTAs), I would do the right thing and book direct for an upcoming Easter weekend break.

The end of the professional critic (and why you need to get over it)

Remember the days of the professional critic? You'd have the perfect room picked out — the pride of your hotel — and it would be flawlessly cleaned and prepped, mint on the pillow, bar fully stocked. Your staff would be on their best behaviour, waiting on the pseudo-celebrity hand and foot, all to make sure that you got the best review that you possibly could.
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