Giuliano Bianchi

Assistant Professor - Economics at EHL

Giuliano BianchiDr Giuliano Bianchi is an Assistant Professor of Economics at EHL. He conducts empirical research on forecasting, executive compensation, economics of crime and tourism economics. Giuliano holds a PhD in Economics from the University of Bologna (Italy), a Master Degree in Economics from the University of Edinburgh (UK), and a Bachelor Degree in Economics from the University of Lugano (Switzerland). Before joining EHL, Giuliano was a Wertheim Fellow at the Labor & Worklife Program, Harvard Law School. Giuliano’s work has been published in refereed international journals, including Applied Economics and The Quarterly Review of Economics and Finance.

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Macroeconomics: A Greater Focus On Past Principles (Giuliano Bianchi)

The COVID-19 pandemic has drastically altered the world’s economic situation leading many economists to predict that it will have as great, or even greater, impact as the great depression of the 1930s.

Economic Theories On COVID-19’s Impact On Hospitality And Tourism

A look at the numerous economic factors that determine the degree of damage the pandemic has wreaked on the hospitality and tourism industry. How, who and why some areas of the industry might come out better or worse than others.

The Price of Quality in Higher Education

The US higher education system is going through a crisis. It is tempting to say that the root of the problem lies with the increasingly high university fees, especially in the most prestigious universities, as suggested by the Financial Times.

Political Turmoil in Latin America: What Effects on Tourism Demand?

What are the effects of the recent political turmoil in Latin America on the region's tourism demand? Relying on a simple microeconomics principle, the concept of externalities, this analysis helps to explain why there is so much unrest in South America and its impact on the tourism sector.

The Bear, the Bull and the Wolf: a 2020 Economy Fairytale

Daughter: "Mom, can you tell me a bedtime story?" Mom:“With pleasure. Do you know the story of the people and their economy of the last two decades?” Daughter:“Is it scary?” Mom:“Quite!”
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