Steffen Raub

Full Professor Human Resources/Organisational Behaviour at EHL

Dr. Steffen Raub

Dr. Steffen Raub is a professor of organizational behavior at Ecole hôteliere de Lausanne (EHL).

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Sustainability in hospitality: Putting construction issues first

Hospitality firms are increasingly keen to jump on the sustainability bandwagon. However, too often they get lost in the complexity of the subject and limit their engagement to unimaginative solutions such as towel reuse in bathrooms.

Organizational Behavior: Thriving in a virtual workplace (Steffen Raub)

Organizational behavior analyzes what people do in the workplace, and human beings - with their strengths and their weaknesses, their aspirations and their fears, their commonalities and specificities – as well as the factors that determine their behavior, will not change fundamentally in the very short term.

How To Promote Empowerment In Hospitality Through Servant Leadership

When we think about leaders, the idea of “serving” others is usually the last that comes to our mind. Leaders are depicted as those who drive, who give orders, directions and whose instructions need to be followed.

Empowerment In The Hospitality Industry – How To Make It Work

An interview with Philip Jones, GM. Philip Jones has been in hospitality for 25 years. He started his career in his native Ireland, where he worked for an independent boutique hotel for 5 years. Then worked for the next 12 years for Ritz Carlton in the USA before working for Jumeirah for 2 years in the Middle East.

Empowering Front-line Service Employees: One Size Does Not Fit All

Empowerment of front-line service employees has oftentimes been presented as a panacea. Empower your employees and great service and guest satisfaction will follow, or so the mantra goes…
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