Magnus Friberg

CEO & President of Zaplox

Magnus Friberg

Mr. Magnus Friberg has served as Chief Executive Officer of Zaplox AB since 2013 and he is also Director of the Company. He previously served at Securitas, responsible for Business Development & Marketing in Europe. He previously also established the company S Reg with SmartSafety concept.

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Hoteliers - Make the Most of Your 2019 Tech Budget

Autumn isn't the only season that is taking shape right now — for hoteliers, budget planning season is fast approaching. Budget management is always top of mind for hoteliers, but no time more than now, as CFO's and Controllers work to predict expenses and allocate spend for the upcoming year.

What hoteliers can learn from other industries when it comes to the mobile guest journey

The demand for a seamless, hassle-free mobile customer journey isn't unique to the hospitality industry — rather, it's transforming countless industries around the world. Mobile is quickly becoming the experience modern consumers prefer.

FACT: The Mobile Guest Journey Matters

What makes a great guest experience? This is a question that remains top of mind for every hotelier, and the question which drives much of the evolution within our industry. As the guest journey continues to evolve in terms of touchpoints and expectations, hoteliers are expected to adapt and curate a unique and continuously guest-centric experience.

Optimizing the Guest Experience at Every Touchpoint

Whether you're running a luxury independent resort, city center hotel or multi-national chain – there is only one great equalizer that impacts every single hotel. Guests.

In the Hotel Room of the Future, Technology Will Simplify Things

Technology is continually evolving at a rapid pace, leaving industries eager to remain ahead of the advancements that continue to redefine their respective offerings and demands. Within the hospitality industry, we see hotels investing in new technology to meet emerging guest expectations and define what the hotel room of the future looks like.
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