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Glenn Wirick

Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing

Glenn Wirick has a passion for solving customers’ biggest challenges with next-generation technology and services. Wirick joined Pegasus Solutions after more than 20 years working in software product management and business development, during which time he sold and delivered software solutions to small, medium and large organizations throughout the world. Now at Pegasus, Wirick serves as Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing and is focused on building a world-class selling, marketing, and communications organization. Wirick holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing with an emphasis in Sales and Product Management from Arizona State University.

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The Future of the Hotel Internet Booking Engine

The IBE was initially developed for use on a desktop computer since the 90's pre-dated mobile devices. A great deal has changed since then, including guest buying habits. Now today's booking engines need to be effective on any device a traveler owns. And travelers, like most ...