Cathy Cook

Executive Director of Training & Development at Kennedy Training Network

Cathy Cook

M. Cathy Cook is the Executive Director of Training & Development for the Kennedy Training Network, Inc., a leading provider of hotel sales, guest service, reservations, and front desk training programs and telephone mystery shopping services for the lodging and hospitality industry. She also conducts operational and systems consulting for KTN’s clients. Email her directly at: [email protected]

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How to Prospect & Sell to Remote Buyers with Doug Kennedy & Cathy Cook

In this webcast, hotel sales training expert Doug Kennedy will share highlights from his webcam training and coaching programs that help hotel salespeople use technology in a way that puts the people parts back into hotel and event sales processes.

Hoteliers Of All Levels Can Benefit From Joining A Local Toastmasters International Club

When I started my management career at the Front Desk, I had no problems working side by side with my associates on the front lines taking care of our guests and putting on a show for my audience every day! But when it came to be standing up in front of my department and presenting an agenda or leading a meeting, I felt panicked and I would perspire and forget what I had to say.

5 Easy Ways To Reduce Turnover At The Front Desk

With one of my main roles at KTN being to conduct front desk hospitality training worldwide, one issue that always seems to surface is turnover at the front desk. Turnover everywhere in the hotel staff is a major challenge in tight labor markets most hotels operate within, however it seems to especially be an issue at the front desk.

At The Front Desk, Voice Inflection Can Change The Entire Meaning Of What We Say

It has often been said that as much as 80% of communication takes place non-verbally. It is certainly true that facial expressions such as what we show with our eyebrows, our smiles (or lack thereof), and body language, which is what we show with our posture and gestures, all are essential for communicating.

Hospitality Requires Stepping Into “Character" Like An Actor On A Stage

In the hotel industry we all know how important it is to deliver hospitality, which is the key to a positive guest stay. Otherwise we are simply in the "room rental business" and our guest rooms devolve into a commodity like a seat on an airplane.
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