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Carlo ReitanoCarlo Reitano joined HVS in 2017 after receiving a Bachelor Degree in Economics and Management at LUISS (Rome) and a Master in Tourism Economics at Bocconi University (Milan). His activity includes both on-the-field and desk work conducting market analysis and feasibility studies in the hospitality industry. Contact him at [email protected]

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HVS In Focus: Capri Island, Italy

Capri, together with Ischia and Procida, is the one of the three main islands of Campania, a region in Southern Italy with an area of about 13,500 km² and a population of 5,836,317 (2016). The distinctive features of the region are its mild climate, the abundance of art and historical sites, the strong passion for music and food as well as the presence of Mount Vesuvius, one of the most active volcanos in Europe located in the Gulf of Naples.