Sherif Mamdouh

External Communications Manager at EHL

Sherif Mamdouh

Sherif Mamdouh is a senior communication officer at Ecole hôteliere de Lausanne (EHL). He previously worked in private banking in Geneva.

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COVID-19: The 1 Thing Your Business Needs To Recover Quickly

At a time of fairly steady recovery, depending on where you are in the world, companies make choices every day that can mean definitive capitulation or a further step towards financial recovery. This is a good time to bring in interns.

What the Nudge (Marketing)?!?

Influence without constraint, and to do good. This is the ethos of Nudge theory. This "helping hand" theory claims to be able to rely on human irrationality to reach a desired outcome. Stemming from behavioral psychology and microeconomics, this new paradigm advocates "libertarian paternalism" where a dose of manipulation is admitted but used only in the most benevolent endeavors - not without reminding us that any form of communication can be perceived as manipulation.

HITEC Amsterdam 2018: Why I Will Definitely Be Back

This has been my first HITEC conference, and it has been one of the most informative three days I have had since I entered the world of hospitality a couple of years ago.

AI and Voice Recognition Explored at HITEC Amsterdam

I have had the pleasure of a front row seat at a very special panel discussion. The hospitality industry's top tech executives got together at HITEC Amsterdam today to discuss artificial intelligence (AI) and voice recognition.

The Art of Pitching: Is it Overrated - or Essential?

Pitching… that thing we force notoriously introverted geeks to do for funding. The main idea is that an entrepreneur — unless his name is Elon Musk or Tony Stark — has limited resources and needs the financial support of pockets that are substantially deeper than his own.