Philip von Ditfurth


Philip von DitfurthPhilip is a serial software entrepreneur in the field of cloud based platform business. He is founder of apaleo, a Munich based start-up developing a next generation cloud platform for the hospitality industry. Philip has successfully built up cloud platforms in various industries for almost 20 years. Having built up a nationwide logistics platform in the late 90's, he cofounded conject in the year 2000, which became Europe's market leader in real estate management and was sold to Aconex and later became part of Oracle. In 2013, he joined hetras, the first true Cloud PMS for hotel chains and grew the business until the company was acquired by the stock listed travel corporate Shiji Technologies. Philip acts as advisor for startups and has also invested in various innovative software companies.
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Lightning Speed & Why It Matters

With technology, there is "what it does"—the functionality—and then there's "how it does it," as in how fast, how accurate, what the interface looks like, and so forth. Functionality is that by which we decide we need a technology—a new POS, PMS, CRM—and so the "how it does it" becomes a secondary consideration.